“Show Your Disney Side” rumored to be the 2014 Disney Parks marketing campaign

Photo Credit: Stitch Kingdom

Photo Credit: Stitch Kingdom

After a year of “Limited Time Magic,” it’s rumored that the 2014 marketing campaign for Disney Parks will be “Show Your Disney Side” – or some variation therein.

As reported by Stitch Kingdom, several domains pertaining to “Disney Side” have recently been registered, with the URLs currently linking to the Disney Parks website. Stitch Kingdom has also uncovered what appear to be two mock-up advertisements using the “Show Your Disney Side” wording.

The images feature guests dressing in everyday clothing to mimic beloved Disney characters (Minnie Mouse and Woody from Toy Story), similar to the trend of DisneyBounding. (“DisneyBound” refers to guests using street clothes to dress in the style of their favorite Disney characters, and has become a popular trend particularly when visiting the Disney Parks, since adults are not allowed to come in costume.)

Though the wording differs slightly between each image, the message is: “[Find/Share] Your Disney Side. Everyone has one. So this year, let loose, come play and bring out the fun in your family at the place where dreams come true. It all begins at DisneyParks.com.”

Past Disney Parks promotions have included “The Year of a Million Dreams,” “Let the Memories Begin,” “One More Disney Day,” and this year’s “Limited Time Magic.”

What do you think of a “Show Your Disney Side” campaign? Sound off in the comments below!

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